Custom Printer Profiles and Colour Management

Our in-house custom printer profiles are a little different to most other printer’s in Berlin: using alternative software to the simplified packages used in most print studios, we’ve customised the patch set to include a much larger number of patches than normal, as high as 3000 in some cases, and to use an unusually large number of neutral or grey patches.

What does this mean? More patches leads to greater accuracy in the ICC profile, particularly in shadow and highlight areas but also in smooth gradients - this eliminates ‘blocked’ shadows and ‘popped’ highlights, ‘banding’ in gradients and other artifacts caused by profile errors. A larger number of neutral tones means black and white prints that are just that: black and white, with no colour casts and smooth gradients.

Want one of our profiles for your own printer?

If you have an inkjet printer at home that you have be struggling to get good results from, a custom profile might help. It works like this:

1 Request a target via email and download it.
2 Print the target on your printer with your chosen paper with colour management turned off.
3 Send the printouts to us.
4 We measure your printouts with a spectrophotometer and send you the resulting profile via email.

We have four patch set sizes to choose from - small (400 patches), medium (800 patches), large (1600 patches) and heroic (2800 patches with 128 greys).

Please note: each paper and ink combination needs a separate profile for best results, so if you use a different printer model you will need a new profile.

Monitor Calibration

Monitor calibration is a must for everyone working in print. Knowing that the colours on your screen will march what you see on the print eliminates a lot of frustration, and can save you a lot of time and money (and ink and paper!). Calibrating your monitor is also an important first step to a fully calibrated workflow, so before you calibrate your printer, make sure your monitor is in order.

We offer monitor calibration using a spectrophotometer for the most accurate calibration, including wide gamut displays and hardware calibratable displays like those from EIZO and NEC.

For monitor calibration, we come to you anywhere in Berlin